Visualizing Average Home Prices By State – Guess Who's Paying The Most


If we were to ask you which state was ‘home’ to the nation’s most expensive dwellings we assume you might guess the subprime capital of California or the financial mecca of New York where hedge fund billionaires shell out millions for apartments the size of middle America’s living room.  But you would be wrong. 

No, outside of Hawaii, the ‘swamp dwellers’ of Washington D.C. are paying more for housing than any other state in the country according to the following chart from Overflow Data.

What is the Average Home Worth in Each State?

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Of course, it’s not exactly ‘fair’ to compare home prices in the urban, city center of Washington D.C. to much larger states like California that have both densely populated urban areas and far less expensive rural areas.  That said, it is somewhat telling that America’s ‘public servants’ and their handlers can afford to spend so much on housing.

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