UPDATE: SHOCKING POLICE REPORT OF BRUTAL RAPE of 14-Year Old in School Bathroom by 2 Illegal Teens 17, 18 [Video]




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Obama resettled thousands of illegal unaccompanied minors all across the U.S. – Click on the link below to see if your community got these illegal minors:

“Unaccompanied Alien Children” Transfers To Your Community ? – UAC Research – Where Are The Illegal Aliens and “Unaccompanied Alien Minors” Being Placed ?

The police report is disturbing and all you think about is this poor 14-year old girl – FAIR WARNING- IT’S GRAPHIC:




MARYLAND – Investigators later found blood and other DNA in the bathroom stall where the girl stated the attack occurred. It’s initially unclear how no one saw or heard the unconscionable rape in the middle of a crowded school and during normal class hours.

On Friday, Montano and Milian both appeared via CCTV in Montgomery County District Court for their bond reviews. Both men spoke by way of a Spanish translator, apparently unfamiliar with the English language.

Court officials confirmed Milian entered the United States seven months ago from his native Guatemala. Those same officials stated Milian already had an active “alien removal case” pending in the federal judicial system.

Despite being 18, Milian managed to enroll with Montgomery County Public Schools as a freshman at Rockville High School this school year. He was living with his father in an Aspen Hill apartment along Bel Pre Road.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement confirmed to ABC7 News Friday that it has placed a detainer on Millian. That is commonly done when someone is arrested and suspected of being in the country illegally. ICE would not comment on Montano because he is a minor.

As for Montano, court officials stated he came to the United Stated eight months ago from El Salvador. His immigration status was not immediately known. Montano also enrolled with Montgomery County Public Schools as a freshman this year. Court officials stated he could read and write in Spanish, but struggled with English. Montano was living with his uncle along Lincoln Street in Rockville. Though, officials say, he has been unable to recall his street address or uncle’s phone number.

Both men are currently being represented by the Maryland Office of the Public Defender. Despite pleas for their release, the judge denied bond for both men citing a threat to the community, plus concerns about them fleeing the area.

“The immigration ramifications are determined at a later point by the proper authorities,” Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office spokesperson Ramon Korionoff stated. “We just are working very closely with our police and school security partners to ensure this case goes forward in a timely and well-executed manner.”

Prosecutors say Montano and Sanchez will be tried as adults. Montano’s mugshot, however, was not released due to his age. Each teenager faces up to three life prison terms.

“These are very serious allegations, carrying a life sentence. Anybody above the age of 16, facing up to life in prison, can be charged as an adult and that is the path we are taking at this time,” Korionoff concluded.

Prosecutors would not say whether-or-not there is school surveillance video to support their felony case. It’s also unclear what factors, such as age, would preclude someone from enrolling with MCPS, seeing as both suspects were well above the typical freshman class age range. (link)

This is the fault of Obama and of the immigration activists who blocked the deportation of one of the teens.

Henry Sanchez, 18, originally from Guatemala and Jose Montano, 17, a native of El Salvador, brutally raped a 14-year-old high school student on Thursday. Sanchez had a pending illegal alien removal case (deportation order) pending, which was not carried out while immigration activists tried to block the deportation.

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