UC Berkeley manages to find (but doesn’t disclose) ‘protected venue’ for Ann Coulter appearance


As Twitchy reported Wednesday, the University of California, Berkeley, cancelled a scheduled speech by Ann Coulter claiming that the school, despite being one massive safe space, was unable to find a “safe” venue to host her appearance.


The Washington Times is reporting that Berkeley has reversed its decision and rescheduled Coulter’s appearance, having turned over every snowflake on campus and stumbling on a “protected venue” suitable for the event.


Piers Morgan was thrilled by the news, having written a column in which he threatened to escort Coulter, “a woman whose opinions I love to hate,” to the stage, armed with his trusty musket if necessary. (OK, not really, but his piece is worth a read.)


Victor Morton of the Washington Times reports:

A day after the University of California cancelled her planned speech over security fears, the school reversed itself and found a “protected venue” for the event.

The university moved the date of the speech from April 27 to May 2, and did not disclose the new location at a Thursday press conference announcing its reversal.

University spokesman Dan Mogulof told reporters that the speech would take a place at a campus site that Chancellor Nicholas Dirks said would be disclosed at a later time.

Just as a reminder, this is an Ann Coulter speech we’re talking about. Then again, Milo Yiannopoulos didn’t even take the stage at UC Berkeley back in February and protests erupted into a full-blown riot anyway.



That’s something everyone can agree on at this point.

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