Twitter Locks Trump Associate Roger Stone's Account, Again


Roger Stone is back in Twitter’s penalty box.

Stone, a confidant to President Donald Trump and former adviser to his campaign, had his Twitter account temporarily locked again this week after tweeting “I’m watching you and know what you’re up to. Better watch your ass” to Media Matters communications director Laura Allison Keiter on Wednesday afternoon. Twitter locked Stone’s account in March following another rules violation.

Reached via Twitter, Keiter forwarded an email she received from Twitter Thursday morning confirming it locked Stone’s account.

Laura Allison Keiter

Twitter’s in the midst of a scorched earth campaign against harassment on its platform. In recent months, the company has rolled out a number of anti-harassment tools including keyword filters and a new disciplinary measure that temporarily throttles the reach of users it believes are targeting others for abuse. In December, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said fighting harassment is the company’s top priority.

Roger Stone did not immediately reply to a request for comment.

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