Savage Asks, 'Is Trump's War Over?'


Here’s a little gallows humor by conservative talk show host, Michael Savage.

‘Is Trump’s war over?’, asks Savage. He did, however, claim a small victory in the N. Carolina bathroom case being tossed out by the DOJ.

Moreover, Savage lamented with a dispirited tonality to expect ‘small wins’ during the Trump reign — humorously saying we’d have ‘small wars’ — ‘here a lunch, there a launch, everywhere a launch launch.’

If you’re eating something while listening to the clip, please swallow your food first. At around the 2:55 mark, Savage described our missiles as being ‘beautiful missiles’ and then our submarines as ‘beautiful, big submarines, very beautiful, very big submarines’ — an obvious attempt to mock President Trump’s repetitive cadence and syntax.

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