Pro Immigration Advocate to Americans: You Do A lot of Drugs, Therefore You Do Not Deserve Borders


Listen up border fags: because of your wanton proclivity for doing drugs, snorting cocaine through straws and/or inhaling crack smoke through glass pipes, you don’t get to have a country. Your borders are meaningless and you should permit any Mexican or Central American pavement slob into your country — because of your sins and because your government conducts wars abroad.

This is, essentially, what Enrique Morones, head of Border Angels, said to Tucker Carlson tonight — exposing his 2nd grade IQ level and childish penchant to say stupid things.

There is no argument that could assuage the American people into believing it should not control its borders. Only high level retard ‘thinkers’ on the left, communist shills, and anti-American anarchists believe unfettered immigration into cash-strapped border towns is a good idea. Ergo, anyone who suggests otherwise is instantly reduced to looking like Barney Rubble ‘motoring’ his vehicle over rugged terrain.

In short, quit doing coke and bombing brown people, then you can enjoy a national border.


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