McMaster Explains What Really Happened With The Russians – Live Feed


As Senator David Perdue said to Fox Business this morning, “When General McMaster says something didn’t happen, it didn’t happen,”

But it seems the mainstream media in ‘Murica would prefer to focus on anonymous sources, speculation, and furore if it serves the narrative of the deep state.

Having clarified some details last night in a hastily-arranged press statement, “I was in the room, it didn’t happen,” General McMaster is spearheading The White House’s damage control this morning.

After Trump’s quasi admission of information-sharing (which is perfectly legal), it appears McMaster’s reputation is on the line as the question is will he adjust his story? Of course,  no matter what he says, the press corps ‘gotcha’ journalism will find something to entertain for the next news cycle…

Live Press Conference… (due to begin at 1130ET)

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