Ann Coulter Tells Hannity AG Sessions Needs To 'Come Out Swinging' As Entire Point Of Special Counsel Has Evaporated


Ann Coulter went on Sean Hannity’s radio show Monday to discuss Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ upcoming testimony tomorrow in front of the Senate Intel Committee investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Coulter said Sessions needs to “come out swinging” – defending his meetings with the Russian Ambassador, while making the case for dissolving the FBI’s Special Counsel investigation headed by former FBI head Robert Mueller – as it’s almost entirely based on now disproven allegations of obstruction and political revenge by President Trump which in Coulter’s words have “evaporated.”

I’m depressed because Republicans are just instinctive losers. We’re going to see a replay of Donald Rumsfeld apologizing for Abu Ghraib – well that was the end of Donald Rumsfeld. That. Was. The. End. Do not apologize Republicans. Jeff Sessions needs to come out swinging and say ‘that was nonsense, I was trying to be nice – but I’m not recusing myself and I’m firing Mueller.’

Coulter then puts the whole ‘met with the Russian diplomat’ thing in context…

Coulter: Why did Jeff Sessions recuse himself Because he met wit the Russian Ambassador which every other senator has done? His job at the time – let’s play this back, he wasn’t Vice President, he wasn’t Steven Miller writing the speeches. He wasn’t even Roger Stone for Pete’s sake. His job was United States Senator.


Yes, he endorsed Donald Trump and introduced him at a few AL rallies. As his full time job, United States Senator, he met with the Russian Ambassadoras did a dozen democrats! That’s what you do, as you know and have probably surely talked about. Claire McKaskill was tweeting out about her meeting with the Russian Ambassador. Dianne Feinstein – there are pictures of them all meeting with the Russian Ambassador. There is nothing improper about Jeff Sessions meeting with the Russian ambassador – and on that, he recuses himself and they demand a special counsel on the false claim – which Comey allowed to sit out there, that Donald Trump himself was personally under investigation.

Jared Kushner is the only reason to continue investigating.

Coulter says that of all the people currently working in the White House, there’s nobody whose actions or connections justify the special counsel aside from Jared Kushner…

Coulter: The only one who’s a the White House is the President’s son in law. If he [Jared Kushner] leaves, there’s no basis for an independent counsel.

Lying MSM

Hannity: Sessions is gonna go in there tomorrow. And Sessions did his job as Senator, and the media is going to go insane and I assume the networks are going to cover this. I’ve never seen such outright lying to the American people by the press in my life, and I’m not sure what the answer is to get them to stop and maybe for a second, you know, just try to stand true to their mission of objectivity a little bit.

Coulter: Sessions has got to say the entire point of having an independent counsel has evaporated with James Comey’s eventual, reluctant admission that Trump is not under investigation – so he’s not recusing himself, he’s firing Muller…  …the only possible downside is that the media will be hysterical! Will anyone notice the difference? They’ve been calling for his impeachment before he was sworn in!

Sean Hannity then confidently tells Coulter that Trump was bluffing about the tapes

Coulter:  On Friday on Lawrence O’Donnell they had an entire segment on “what if Trump destroyed the tapes?” So we’re already in never-never land on what if’s, and we must impeach…


Hannity: Ann, I can assure you – there are no tapes. That was Trump saying “I may have ’em” to get in his head.


Coulter: It worked, it got Comey to tell the truth about a few major [things]… Trump himself wasn’t under investigation. The other part is the truth about what he said about Michael Flynn. I mean it’s so clear now even in Comey’s description of it…

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