10 Weird And Wonderful Inventions You May Need In Your Life


Life is full of problems. You know what comes out of problems? Inventions. Here’s a few, some are useful, some are weird, and some just mean that if you buy them you have far too much money.

1. See-Through Toaster

This will solve a world of problems. Well, it will solve your toasting problems.


2. Light-Up Slippers

For when you want to rave but can’t be bothered leaving the house. Or, for when you want tograb a drink or something in the middle of the night but your housemate is scary and waking them up is like scratching a dragon.


3. Peek-A-Boo Umbrella.

Does what is says, which is a mighty fine thing to do indeed.


4. The Power Nap Head Pillow

Lecturers will love this.


5. Ping Pong Door

Or a beer pong door, it can be whatever you want it to be.


6. High-Tech USB

It’s like a standard USB apart from the fact it’s really safe. If you lose it then all the information on it is secure from those identity predators or dissertation thieves.


7. Fancy Wine Opener.

Goes perfectly with a bottle of Lambrini. If you want to be ironic that is.


8. This Weird Pizza Eating Device

Seriously, just use your hands. If I ever go round to a friends house and they whip this out, then they are no friend of mine. Actually, they gave me pizza. I take that back, they are an eccentric friend of mine.


9. Butter Knife Magic

It’s name is actually Butter Knife Magic and it’s glorious.


10. The One Hand Zipper

Great for looking like a spy.


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